Squid Reflection Post #1

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The blog posts that Mr.Ziebarth has incorporated into the curriculum has greatly helped me kind of get out of my comfort zone and made me more willing to share my ideas with others. SQUID is perfect for this because it embodies what a high level English student should constantly be doing. The one who questions the most , learns the most. The student that is able to bring two ideas together and combine them into one seems like a team player. Investigating is in my opinion that same as questioning however , so this is needless. Delight is something entirely new and puts a fun spin onto learning. Perhaps inspired by ”If you love what you do , you never have to work a day in your life”, if you love school it might not feel so boring and tiring. These SQUID posts have greatly helped me with my analysis of day to day activities, I notice that I am always SQUIDing unknowingly. However my thoughts are quite jumbled and random as shown in my blog posts. Some days I have food and others I have some really nice scenery. I’d say that I have used Delight the most simply because it’s the most pleasing to write about. It’s much easier to talk about something that makes you feel ecstatic rather than uniting an idea with my day to day experiences. I keep returning to food and food again because I love food  and I’m always hungry. Sometimes I am haunted about things that I have past eaten for example , my teriyaki chicken that I first posted about , https://stevennguyensite.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/teriyaki-chicken/. The most heavenly teriyaki chicken I have ever eaten in my life , utter perfection. I still have dreams where I am haunted by its flavor , it’s strong and fragrant aroma. I wake up in a cold sweat sometimes and if I had a wish I could wish upon , it’d be for me to receive another teriyaki chicken bowl. 16923452_1377156329011617_1468255206_n.jpg16923847_1377156342344949_663812596_n.jpg16924301_1377156332344950_1084665030_n.jpg16838195_1377156322344951_529211193_n.jpg16934324_1377156325678284_1958825030_n.jpg

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