S’more pie ?

As I walked into the Hershey Chocolate Factory , out of the corner of my eye I saw a beautiful yet mysterious specimen. Mysterious because I’ve never seen anything quite like it , yet I couldn’t help but imagine how scrumptious it might be. I hurriedly rummaged through my wallet to get the money for it , because I was so scared that someone else would get to it before me. My heart was thumping as I speed walked to the cashier and at that moment the only thing I cared about in the world was getting to it before anyone else. The moment reminded me of when I’d watch a horror movie and the only thing on my mind was where the villain would appear next. When I finally got to the cashier, I pointed at the s’mores and he instantly knew what I wanted. The heart attack I nearly went through was worth it, this s’more was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted in my life. The graham crackers on the outside were so brittle and would break into a million pieces if I wasn’t fragile. The marshmallows and chocolate on the inside were melted and mixed together to create an unforgettable flavor. The combined flavors were like a punch to the mouth , it just hit me all at once with its crazy sweet taste. I know that I’ll never experience something like this again in my lifetime so with every bite I savored the flavor and at night I think about how it tasted for a chance to relive the moment.The feeling was comparable to opening presents on Christmas night.

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