No sleep

My friends convinced me to go get sushi with them. I really wanted to go home and take a good long nap like I usually do. These friday naps are unlike any other naps that I usually take. The moment I lay on my bed and close my eyes , I’m gone. I am in a whole different kind of mindset. I am dead to the world , and all I feel is blissful peace. I usually have dreams about food and I revisit restaurants that I’ve eaten at before. I of course order something different every time , but the experience is the same, a beautiful mouth water punch to my taste glands and it’s as if I’m in a dream within a dream. What I like so much about these times is that there is no one to bother me and I finally get the sleep that I’ve lost for the past 5 days, and it’s a great way to start the weekend. However I was forcefully kidnapped as I got out of class and dragged into their car for a food run. The sushi was mediocre and a nap would’ve definitely been better.

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