Me and my friends went right after school , and thank god there was no line. When one goes to KBBQ , they must keep in mind that the experience can vary depending on whether your friends are actually able to cook. This was my first at a new place and I let my friends who are regulars do all the ordering. The first was brisket , which is kind of a must get when you go to KBBQ. My friend surprised me by cooking it perfectly and giving me a piece which I then wrapped in my rice paper then dipped into a special kind of sauce that was provided. At that moment I realized that I must never let this friend of mine go , as the meat was cooked but still juicy. When I bit down the sauce and the meat juices mixed together as well as the chewiness of the rice paper to create a firework in my mouth. It was a mix of all these other flavors and ingredients that created this beautiful work of art. The feeling was comparable to a family dinner after all I was surrounded by people whom I trusted and treated as if they were my actual family. What made was moment special was that I was eating perfectly cooked food with people who I cared about.

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