I was hunting a particular book to use for a school assignment; during this search I find myself all the way at a mall in Irvine. I easily focus and zoom in on the Barnes and Noble. I speed walk as fast as my legs can take me and as I walk into the store I immediately  walk towards an employee so they can help me find my book. In just a few minutes I meet the book that I will do my report on but never read. In order to celebrate this eventful meeting I ask my grandpa if we can get Cold stone since I hardly ever get it. As I walk in to the store I get what I usually buy, and before I know it I’m out the door. I grab two spoons  on my way out ,to share with my grandpa because I know he’ll ask for some. As soon as I get out I see him there sitting patiently and waiting. I stab the ice cream and plant it between us. I sit down and grab the nearest fork to me and slowly lift it to my face. As my lips graze the ice cream, I notice that it’s unbelievable soft and as my tongue is introduced to it I realize that I got the wrong flavor. It’s completely fine though as this was just good enough. I apologized profusely to my grandfather as this wasn’t what he wanted but he simply smiles and says it’s alright. I will never forget this moment because ice cream plus family is too good of a moment to let go. It wasn’t the ice cream that made the moment it was my grandfather’s forgiveness at me choosing the incorrect ice cream flavor that made it.

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