Late Night Snack

My friends and I decided to go buy In-An-Out after watching movies all day. We did a marathon of the harry potter series and it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. The fridge was sadly empty so I hopped in his car and we went out to have fun with the day while we still could.  The nearest open fast  food place from his house was In-And-Out and for once the line was practically non-existent. We get into the drive through as fast as possible and order four double double’s with grilled onions plus animal fries.  My friend and I are so hungry we decide to eat in the car then and there. As I reach into the bag and unwrap the steaming burgers, I can hardly contain myself from greedily devouring the burger as I must pull the wrapping down. I chomp down hard and tear away at the meat. As I chew all the ingredients seem to meld and combine into one beautiful work of art. I quickly scarf it down and bite again. My eyes are watering now because even though I’ve eaten In-An-Out many times but there’s something different about this moment. Perhaps it was because this was the first meal I’ve had the entire day and it was dinner time.

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