Cheese Cake Thief

I was at Cheesecake Factory with my family to celebrate a special occasion. It was my cousin’s birthday and he was finally turning thirteen. A very important day for him because he’s officially a teenager now, so the entire time he was quite jumpy and couldn’t sit still at all.  During the entire meal he roamed the tables and took one bite out of everyone’s dinner and quite frankly it annoyed me. A part of my wonderful spaghetti will be forever lost and never reclaimed. As dessert rolled in , I was sure to protect my cake from the thieving scoundrel. I look around and see him still stealing bites out of everyone’s cake so in order to stop this from happening I eat my cake as fast as possible. I end up choking on parts of it but in the end it was all worth it because when he got to me , I just had just taken my final bite. The pure joy and victory at having been able to finish right in front of his face was a feeling unlike any other. I felt as if I had finished first place in an Olympic event and was at the top of the world.

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