Getting food at chipotle , is always so risky. Some days the portions I receive are too little and I get so irritated that I take a wad of napkins from the stands. However , sometimes I am blessed to actually receive good portions and today was one of those days. As I stabbed the meal with my fork , and lifted I could truly see how much the employees gave me. The first bite is not something I will ever forget ; it was a combustion of flavors and ingredients. The perfect mellow taste of guacamole along with the crunchiness of salad and the sour cream all worked together splendidly. The second bite , was a small helping of rice with chicken dipped in spicy salsa. The spicy salsa coated the chicken and rice and gave the bite a good punch to it. After every bite , a burst of flavor hit me and before I knew it , there was no more. I will never forget the sensation I felt that day when I was actually able to fill myself up with this meal from the gods themselves.

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