Cheesecake Factory

I was at a tennis banquet, eating with possibly some of my favorite people in the world at the time. I turn to my left and I see my friends putting all sorts of things in a cup, from those small bags of salt and sugar to napkins… Yes they’re very weird. But I call them family because , I just fit in with them. The thing I remember the most about this meal is not the food although it was delicious. The shrimp , chicken and tomato, were all cooked to perfection. Each ingredient was given the right amount of sauce but , the shrimp was definitely what made the dish stand out. It was just so tender and when I sunk my teeth into it , the juices just oozed out onto my mouth. But anyway , what was really important was that I was surrounded by my family whom I’ll never forget even though I won’t be doing tennis ever again.

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