Reflecting Back on this Wonderful Year

When I think all the way back to the beginning of my junior year, I remember expecting something completely different from what I got this year. I was thinking to myself, ‘’Alright, it’s going to be one long journey in here.’’ I couldn’t have been more wrong, everything passed by so fast and honestly I didn’t think I’d change so quickly within such a small 10 month time period. Everyday I attended class I’d undergo my own small transformation, this class has had a huge impact on who I am;because I’ve noticed that I had become much more eager to learn and I had a much easier time making friends with others.


The most memorable assignment from the class was the descriptive essay,weekly squid posts and the narrative essay. I don’t think I’ll forget them anytime soon because it was something I’ve never really done before, each required personal experiences which contrasted to what I usually write in other classes. Most writings assignments in my freshmen and sophomore years all had the same thought process, introduce the topic, analyze and then follow up with three body paragraphs. It was all so repetitive and limited my creativity and therefore my growth. However in your class there were so few of these for example the rhetorical analysis essay for ‘’Grapes of Wrath’’ and your argument essay. The personal assignments were what made this class memorable as well.


The narrative essay really helped me grow because it forces me to apply what I had learned and build on the skills that I already had. It involved storytelling which forces me to be much more descriptive than usual and using tone to convey how each scene felt. Throughout that assignment I used diction the most which helped me out when I needed to instill feelings in my readers. A few quotes that this class has taught me were, ‘’the blazing hot inferno nipped at my heels…’’ and, ‘’raise your words not your voice … after all it is rain that grows flowers not thunder’’. The assignment really helped me improve my writing because now I know that even though there are many words that mean essentially the same thing, which ones you use do matter.


The descriptive essay was my next favorite assignment. All the feedback that I had received from my peers (and teacher) made me get a good idea of what my strengths and weaknesses are when it was comes to writing. The bless and press idea was also genius , all the compliments I got made me feel a lot better and the press helped me improve. A lot of my press involved people telling me how I could’ve replaced some words with others that would’ve made the sentence less awkward whereas my bless was mostly telling me how effective I was at describing someone while adding some funny parts in between. Table critique really helped as well because it further developed communication skills which kinda goes with, ‘’Catcher in the Rye’’, since Holden has such a hard time talking to others during the entire story. Before I even picked up the book, my friends/tablemates inquired as to, ‘’How words effectively describe the person who speaks them. Holden often lies which goes along with how he thinks everyone is a ‘’phony’’.


We didn’t always do the SQUID posts due to AP exams plus other projects but I still enjoyed writing them a lot. SQUID forced me to use my creativity to weave an interesting tale about what I had done the past week or so.


SQUID posts were really similar to,’’House on Mango Street’’, because of how it was a collection of short stories with nothing to relate. It’s just like a person’s life and how every week is completely different than the other. The assignments helped me advance my creativity and storytelling skills as well as how to maintain a nice lighthearted tone.


All in all, I’ve become a completely different person by the end of the year. I’m a more skilled writer than the person who entered this class ten months ago, and I’m still improving. I definitely need to improve my timed analysis essays and speaking skills. My participation this year wasn’t so good, so I think I just have to be a little braver and more confident with my ideas. Now that the class is ending I’ve definitely appreciated all the collaboration I had with my peers,the sharing of ideas and how I consistently tried to become the best me that I could be. I’m glad I did this class because I know the skills that I’ve gained here I’ll keep for the rest of my life.


Student Athlete Memes

Why do student athletes feel so entitled ? You are literally just playing a sport while at the same time being in school. For a lot of student athletes though they’re not even doing that well in academics. Many of them have trouble balancing their academic and sports lives so why do they think that they are so much better than the rest of us ? 

I Miss You

This song just made me think of the many people whom I’ve let go in my life. It provided a kind of closure and made me realize that for those who do leave me and come back that I’ll never let go. Why does it hurt so much when they do leave though ? There’s always a big deep pit in my stomach whenever someone close to me does. Why do I care so much about other people ? If I had no one and expected nothing this would be fine but instead I let people in , in order for them to just rip me apart inside.

Lost memories.

I was going through my many drafts on my blog today and I stumbled upon this little gem. It made me quite sad as this was one of the many pictures that I had lost when my laptop got a virus. At first the picture was on my phone but since I was running out of storage I had it transferred to my laptop and voila, now it’s gone. This was a moment I cherished quite deeply with my grandpa as it was always nice getting food with him. Food just really brings people together , it unites people at a table. I only regret not talking more when I eat as I focus a little too much on the food and once I’m done I immediately leave. I wish we talked more about our day or how we were doing. But I’m sure he was happy just watching me stuff my face.


Waiting. It isn’t so bad. Just yesterday I had to wait for a friend for nearly an hour. I was all by myself sitting in the corner of a restaurant waiting for them to come. It honestly isn’t that bad, because I knew that they were trying their best to come. I had faith that I wouldn’t have been stood up and that made it a lot easier. If I had a second chance I’d wait all over again because it was worth it.

Ramen !!!

This was one of the best ramen bowls I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if it was because I hadn’t eaten dinner or lunch yet but it tasted like heaven to me. I decided to get the miso ramen lvl 3 spicy. I love spicy food and everything just went together so well. The bamboo ‘s crunchiness , the egg’s softness and the beef’s tenderness. The noodles and the spicy broth however was like a match made in heaven. I’ve never before tasted something that harmonized with eachother so perfectly. The broth was unlike any other and soon I was sweating from the spiciness while slurping as much as I could.

Dog Park

Today I went to a dog park and I’ll be darned if it wasn’t one of the nicest things I’ve done in a while. All around me I saw dogs and dogs and dogs !!! The park was divided into two sections, big dogs and small dogs. The big dog park had golden retrievers and huskies and for a bit a corgi puppy came in and joined. The small dog park had a lot of corgi’s and there was even a shiba inu. All these cuties in one place definitely made my day.